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  TOP best drama movie japanese 2016 (part 3)  647 / 0
  Gửi lúc:  07/11/2016 06:21:03 AM
Đăng ký:  02/12/2015
Tham gia:  02/12/2015
Điểm:  231
Bài:  46

Massan japanese drama (Japanese: マッサン?) Is a Japanese TV series, Asadora 91st (morning drama) daily broadcast on NHK from September 29, 2014, until March 28 , 2015. Massan is based on the life of his wife Jessie Roberta Masataka Taketsuru and "Rita" Cowan, a Scotswoman Taketsuru met while studying abroad. US star actress Kate Fox is Charlotte Ellie edge Kameyama Japanese actor Tetsuji Tamayama as Masaharu Kameyama in a fictional account of the trip to Japan and Rita's efforts to start the company Taketsuru Nikka Whisky General. This is the first series was characterized NHK Asadora a non-Japanese actor in a leading role

When Masaharu Kameyama returned to Japan after spending two years in Scotland to study how to make whiskey, he brought back with him to Ellie, a woman he met and married there. His parents in Hiroshima was shocked to see this blonde woman as their new daughter in law. Masaharu mother, Sanae, especially not accept the marriage, but Masashi, his father, is more forgiving, even encouraged his son to pursue his dream of making whiskey production in Japan, despite the the family has run a sake brewery for generations. Masaharu lost Ellie and returned to his job at the Brewery in Osaka Sumiyoshi, but encountered another problem: although nothing really has been verbalized, Daisaku Tanaka, head of the brewery, Masaharu pay to go to Scotland on the expectation that he would later marry his daughter Yuko. Yuko initially hated Ellie, but eventually they become friends and Yuko Ellie taught how to cook Japanese food. Meanwhile, Masaharu trying to put together a plan to Sumiyoshi can start making whiskey, but were put in danger when a nationwide scandal in less hurt wine Sumiyoshi wine business, although no problems with their products. President brilliant Kamoi TM Kinjiro Kamoi, seemed to save the day with an ad campaign promotes revolutionary wine, but that is not enough for the Board of Directors Sumiyoshi: not only do they cancel plans Masaharu whiskey plans, they pushed him out of the company. Too proud to ask for a job Kamoi, after having once rejected his proposal, Masaharu doing odd jobs while Ellie began teaching English and singing, income quite a reputation in the area city. When Masaharu received a telegram from his mother, saying that his father was dying, they hurry back to Hiroshima just to see that it was a ruse: Sanae is planning to give up his dream Masaharu whiskey and carried business operating in the interest from his father. After seeing her sister give birth, and wondered if he could support Ellie once they have a child, Masaharu suggest staying Hiroshima and conduct business for the benefit, but his father insisted that he should pursue his dream. After the two men returned to Osaka, Masaharu Kamoi thought about asking for a job, but are offended by what he thinks he does not have a serious dedication to the whiskey. Ellie devised a plan to bring the two together, but ultimately it is when Masaharu Kamoi realize how dedicated to winemaking in Japan where he joined the Kamoi business. Toshio, who has worked at the brewery for Masashi's, came to help. But even then, it seems Kamoi and Masaharu is of two minds. Masaharu Hokkaido confirmed that only the appropriate conditions to make good whiskey, but Kamoi insisted on the construction of the Yamazaki distillery near Osaka. Kamoi have good reason to build it there, so after building over the years, the distillery began operations.
It was at the time that Masaharu know that Ellie is pregnant. He also began to board Kamoi Eiichiro son's Kinjiro hated his father for what he thought he had done to his mother. Ellie miscarries and discovered that the pregnant again could threaten her life. Seeing this human drama, Eiichiro reconciled with his father and decided to make whiskey from Masaharu school. Ellie and Masaharu adopt a baby girl named Emma. Whisky brewing good conduct, but unfortunately their first batch sell well, threatening the whole enterprise Kamoi. Masaharu insisted only a scotch whiskey right with "incense", so Kamoi, to make him understand the problems of the sale, sent him out to the countryside to sell products.
In Yoichi, Hokkaido, he ran into Kumatora Morino, a former samurai who made a fortune in business herring, people buy all their whiskey to help him out. In Yoichi, Masaharu ideal location to make whiskey. It is time that Sanae death, after telling her Ellie a great way her daughters. Realizing their responsibility in raising a family, Masaharu returned Osaka and accept the plan to produce whiskey Kamoi lower level more attractive to Japan, with the opposition and Eiichiro Toshio. He did it, but with Ellie made, leaving the company Kamoi and, with the help of investors, towards Hokkaido to start brewing their own.

Masaharu plan is to take advantage of the plentiful apple orchards Yoichi to make apple juice until the whiskey ages. But when people find out he was staying at Kumatora's, all of them refused to talk to him. Clearly business went bankrupt Kumatora's and he is deeply in debt, earning the resentment of everyone, including his son Kazuma. Masaharu resolve this situation by buying "herring mansion" Kumatora's (Nishin goten 鰊 御 殿?), He pays his debts. Masaharu build his own home next to the mansions and Kazuma and Hana, daughter of Kumatora, help with new businesses. Toshio came to help. The apple juice now take some time to embrace and Emma ran into problems at school because kids teased her when she was a white mother. It was only then that she found out she was adopted. Upon hearing about the sudden death of Eiichiro, Masaharu also started brewing wine before its investors allow him, and when it is done, it will not sell well. Meanwhile, Toshio Hana wedding. Business Masaharu stored, such as Japan heads towards the war, by the Imperial Japanese Navy, which wants to ensure a supply of whiskey. Now acting as a designated supplier of the Navy, eventually Masaharu financial stability, but after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Ellie is facing a big decision. Catherine, the wife of a missionary Japan Britons and an old friend from Osaka, urged Ellie to leave the country with her, but Ellie decided to stay. During the war, however, she was almost arrested under false charges of a spy, and Emma was bullied at school. Emma also fall in love with Kazuma, who Masaharu hopes to groom as his successor, but suffered when he was drafted and sent to war. She and others were shocked when news came of his death shortly before the war ended. When the war ended, Ellie was finally able to leave home for the first time in many years, but did not sell whiskey Masaharu, especially since third grade whiskey made in the market. Satoru, the second son of Ms. Chikako Masaharu, to
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