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  TOP best drama movie japanese 2016 (part 2)  573 / 0
  Gửi lúc:  18/09/2016 05:00:52 AM
Đăng ký:  02/12/2015
Tham gia:  02/12/2015
Điểm:  231
Bài:  46
ちゅらさん Vol 86 (2001-Jul-11), some viewers called to complain about a scene NHK related to drinking. In this episode, a young man and the father of his girlfriend engaged in a contest with alcohol drink Okinawa, kaolin, for the sake of his marriage proposal to Eri. Most of the complaints that encourage and celebrate scene excessive drinking can cause an acute alcohol poisoning. The "Bottoms Up-prevention Okinawa meeting" represents parents who have lost children with acute alcohol poisoning allegedly demanded NHK broadcast alert to run a character say this style of drinking will cause him drink with risk of death. 
A 3-part Product highlights will be broadcast on NHK 2007 -Jan-1 to 3 16: 40-17: 55 (JST). A prominent SP is a set of important moments of a series.
The 64th NHK Drama Renzoku Asadora is Churasan, a story of a young woman, Kohagura Eri, who was born in Kohamajima island, Okinawa on May 15, 1972, the day when Okinawa was returned to Japan from Eleven years after the United States, Kamimura Shizuko and her two sons, Kazuya and Fumiya, from Tokyo come to stay as a guest of a small inn Eri's family. fun-loving, yet eccentric family's Eri greeted them warmly. However, Eri is shocked to hear one of the sons, Kazuya is terminally ill and Shizuko and her sons came to Okinawa to spend his last moments together in the beautiful nature. Fumiya, Kazuya's brother, and Eri promise to marry each other someday. However, after the death of Kazuya, Fumiya and his mother left the island to return to Tokyo. Years later, they are reunited,Churasan Eri as a nurse and Fumiya, a doctor, working at the same hospital in Tokyo.

the setting of the story including Okinawa, Naha, and Tokyo.
n after the events of Churasan II, it now is the celebration of the lunar new year. Eri and Fumiya was visiting family in Okinawa with their son Kazuya. Eri continue her career as a nurse in Tokyo; She is now a nurse to visit while Fumiya continue as a surgeon at the Hospital of Tokyo. Eri's grandmother, affectionately known as Obaa (her), was last seen married but now single again, assuming she married her husband died or left her soon after.

Back Ippukan, Shimada Karinin and continues to be a loving elderly couple; Shibata and Yoki become parents to their first daughter and the children, Shiori, and loved by all. Shouko and Keitatsu are expecting their first child together, however, as he fled Keitatsu feeling heavy pressure is a good father and husband. Eri is most annoying is her brother would abandon Shouko and child-to-be-but born in that condition. However, Fumiya soothe the nerves of the family as he believes Keitatsu did not do it for selfish reasons, but because of the burden of responsibility. Shouko decided to return Okinawa to be cared for by parents Eri's (mother in law), Keitatsu believe will eventually return home to their children.

Meanwhile, Eri and Haruka is minding terminally ill, Tsujiuchi. However, her daughter, Aiko, is closed due to illness of the mother and her anger when the medical staff that managed only suffering mother, but did not cure her. Mariya got writer's block and lost all inspiration to write great works her next. Aiko's see how actions, Eri can not leave it alone and take personal interest and help Tsujiuchi Aiko. Everything was a challenge at first, Aiko has problems accepting the fact her mother would die soon. Eri initially invited to stay with her at Aiko Ippukan, but Aiko only home run; Eri decided something stronger and took her to live with her family Okinawa.

While in Okinawa, families took turns caring Kohagura her, showed Aiko pleasures of life in Okinawa. Eri's older brother, Keisho, invented another variation of his beloved creation, Goya (bitter melon) Man, with Goya Man Game (a product failure more likely). Through Eri report on Aiko, Tsujiuchi is happy to know that her daughter has developed a lighter attitude and wanted to join her there. With the blessing of Haruka health, she was allowed to travel to Okinawa for the mother and daughter duo back together again. Both women were very happy to meet again and Tsujiuchi especially glad to see Aiko change for the better; Tsujiuchi very touching to see their daughter perform a traditional dance of Okinawa.

Inspired by the recent events, Mariya use Aiko story as the basis for her new novel. Although it is a well-written story, the book did not capture the attention of her had hoped; she was proud to have it published anyway. With the help of good friends, Keitatsu be taught the meaning of rock is justice and what he's doing is not cool at all. The explanation made him realize he needs to be with Shouko and he ran home. Shouko is in labor and Keitatsu make it home immediately after the birth of their son. The story ends with the family celebrating a new member in the family.
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Số lượt truy cập: 69.458.088
Tổng số thành viên: 5.781
Số người trực tuyến: 132