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  Review Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (2010)  874 / 0
  Gửi lúc:  11/08/2016 08:47:13 AM   -   NGUYEN THUY ANH   sửa đổi lúc:  11/08/2016 08:47:27 AM
Đăng ký:  02/12/2015
Tham gia:  02/12/2015
Điểm:  231
Bài:  46
Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (夏 の 恋 は 虹 色 に 輝 く), can be translated something like "summer love shine with the colors of the rainbow" is a romantic drama Takeuchi Yuko Matsumoto Jun and due.

This romantic comedy is often called NatsuNiji and present difficulties in the love story of a couple from the source, completely different (she was a few years old than him and with family responsibilities , the young actor without a steady job) which however has been much more common to see with the naked eye.

Accompanying him on his adventure in a similar position, you are a friend of his childhood only, Keita Ueno (by Hideyuki Kasahara), who also live in the shadow of the famous mother themselves. Both of you also understand, because they live under the same pressure, and fight together to overcome the barriers to the success of our parents, the cast together and spend time together and have fun entertainment.

One day, Taiga and Keita out for skydiving with the bad assets that though Taiga breaks, the wind will take you away and ended up falling and hung on the tree. Fortunately, Shiori Kitamura (Yuko Takeuchi due), a carefree woman and direct people say and do what he thinks will be displayed. Shiori help Taiga down trees (perhaps a little friendly manner according to Taiga) and move on no more. It is just this indifference, but to become a direct way that Shiori what Taiga will want to see her and know more.

Taiga help in this difficult path as his advisers Hisao Aoki (by Yutaka Matsushige) who seek jobs and casting calls and encourage you to keep trying.

Our opinion

NatsuNiji is a romance of the people you absolutely know how it will end when you're watching TV Episode 1, however, you can not stop watching. While history can not be more trite or more predictable, a mixture of dramatic point with humor, insight, and relationships between the characters and the speed of their own stories can enjoy a lot of movies and you're eager to continue watching.


Love thanks for watching :))

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Số lượt truy cập: 69.455.415
Tổng số thành viên: 5.797
Số người trực tuyến: 145