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  Review Drama One Million Stars Falling from the Sky (2002)  873 / 0
  Gửi lúc:  01/07/2016 08:27:03 AM
Đăng ký:  02/12/2015
Tham gia:  02/12/2015
Điểm:  231
Bài:  46
Boy, do not sound interesting? So much so, that I had it laying around in 6 months until neonkinpatsu mention one or two plot twists made me rethink view. And here we are.

Folks, if you go into this film thinking you should see some film whodunnit run-of-mill with a little love thrown in or something, you'll be wrong. Totally wrong. If your idea of ​​a good time is seeing a few J-idols fall in love, there are problems, to work everything out, to live happily ever after, or if you just like to crave Takuya Kimura more, go to Long Vacation, Beautiful Life or love generation or something. You will be happier that way. Trust me.


If you are looking for something with realism and biting, that does not just poke around in the dark side of the human mind, but wallows in it like a starving pig at the bottom, then you can only ready for Million Stars. Maybe. This is almost a life-changing drama as I've seen yet, and I've seen a bunch. Two days later, I still think about it. Quite simply, this film is a masterpiece of the dark, and no one who see it will come out unaffected ...

As I said earlier, this film is a true modern masterpiece. The real character, with good and bad sides to all.The burn scars that Ryo and Yuko shares to represent my emotional scars that dwells in all of us. The director makes a constructive tension great job in each episode, and while a bit bizarre, "Mission Impossible" style music starts up at the end of each chapter, the cliffhanger leaves you jump as fast as you can to the next set. This series is like a speeding train with no brakes. You know there will be an accident somewhere, but you've got to stay tuned to see where the bodies fell.

After experiencing emotional drain that movie gave me, I would have to rewatch Sweet 18 or something to get my head back on straight. That is the effect.

Okay, maybe I will play that scene from ep 11 only once the first ....
Rating: See it / Change of life (4.5 / 5)

Reviews anoney

Just finished watching this movie after it sat on my computer for over a year. Antok of the study there were chomping at the bit for me to see this as soon as I have free time from study / work, and boy was I glad I did.

I have not seen many Jdramas, in fact, I could probably count all the people I've seen on both hands. However, I must say this is quite possible favorite, if not at least one of my favorites that I've seen so far. I like sad, tragic, gritty drama (I LOVED the live-action Hotaru no Haka, much better than the cartoon my opinion) so I was at home with the stories about murder, betrayal and tragedy. Kimura Takuya for a sterling performance as Ryo is broken and twisted, with Akashiya Sanma up the "heroic" side with his large portrait of an old and tired detectives, who dedicated his life to more than he lost.

In the opening episode is quite slow when compared to most, it set up a fascinating premise that I challenge anyone who does not want to investigate further. When you follow the progression of the plot through each episode, it becomes darker, grittier and more tragic. While building up tends to make the tragic nature of the program at the time (I do not have ended completely fixed, but it is certainly not surprising to save a few points) ended will remain leave you breathless and beat up emotionally. After I watched it, I felt very much like when I was watching Hotaru no Haka (Grave of the Fireflies), as if someone had just kicked a puppy die before me. Well, the story is somewhat simple and have some slow points in the program, but if you allow yourself to really get swept up in the lives of these characters then this master will have a strong impact on you as a simple work of fiction (if only for a few days as you mull about it). The story delves into the human psyche and ask questions about why people act the way they do, but it does not always give the answer (can be infuriating for some ). In fact, the ending may leave you feeling "Well, damn. That's really sad and unfortunate. I do not really know what I have to say, but it's sad nonetheless," which is done all good because as a Shakespearean tragedy (which is what it feels like when you reach the conclusion), you can not "observe" the sadness and tragicness of the whole thing for a few days after finish it. That's not to say you can not analyze it beyond simply admit it is the essence of tragedy, because this has made me think several days later on the motives of the characters, the what makes them from one point to another, and how people often deal with such great personal tragedy.

I can not say too much without giving details away. Performance-wise this was fascinating. Ryo (Kimura) and Yuko (Eri) have great chemistry on screen, and Kanzo (Sanma) and Ryo on the screen "face-off" may be "edge-of-your-seat" tool.

Very highly recommended, although it is small story flaws. Just have something light, lined up soon after.

Review: Life Changing (4.5 / 5)
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