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  Oshin tv series  879 / 0
  Gửi lúc:  16/03/2016 12:55:54 PM   -   NGUYEN THUY ANH   sửa đổi lúc:  07/07/2016 08:47:30 PM
Đăng ký:  02/12/2015
Tham gia:  02/12/2015
Điểm:  231
Bài:  46
Osin (お し ん?) Is an episodic drama of Japan. The film tells about the life of Shin was born in the late Meiji era (Meiji) until the early 1980s Shin is called "Oshin" to express reverence.
A total of 297 films episodes 15 minutes long with a 52.6% audience rate and 62.9% peak in Japan view. So far, this film has been screened in 59 countries with subtitles in English, Arabic. In 1984, the life segment Oshin Sanrio youth was made into anime.
In 1994, the film was screened in Vietnam and has created a fever [1]. From there, the cell-sin becomes the Vietnamese means "servant of the family".
The film starts from the present time (1983), instead of attending the opening ceremony of the 17th shop of her family, Ms. Shin Tanokura (Oshin) decided to make a trip by train that his family did not know. Everyone in her family is very worried, looking for her everywhere but in vain. Only Kei - Her Grandson Shin remembered the story of the Kokeshi dolls that she had told him. Based on the facts of the story and his hunch, found her Kei Shin. Where she met children, two who recites memories throughout her life, and is also the most ups and downs of the country in 20th century Japan. Oshin tv series
In 1907 it was 7 years old Oshin when his father was let go in - babysitting for a family many miles away to be less difficult. Although the owner was beaten, tortured both physically and mentally, but still tried to endure Oshin, all you have to think about my family, the desire to help parents and children suffering. But one day I was home all vu for stealing their money, then Oshin not take it anymore, she fled with her mother. Middle of the road, I encountered a major snowstorm and freezing to near death. I was a saved man, he himself is the one being pursued, fled to two peers have stayed together to wait until the snow melts. 
Until about being home, oshin, again, was to go back in, this time to the Kaga-ya in Sayaka also with babysitting job. Here, you make friends with the daughter of the owner and in Kaga-ya live until 16 years old children. However, until they are back home, Oshin father wanted her out to go to work, this time working at a bar. Knowing that, the bar is just a cover for prostitution, Oshin gave up Tokyo, according to his sister worked as the head.
While stabilizing the top job, Oshin met and married her husband later. In 1923, a major earthquake in Tokyo was destroyed entire houses and shops of the couple Oshin. Although survival after the disaster but was empty-handed due to two husbands returned home side. Due to the marriage of two people is not acceptable, so when her mother to live with her husband, Oshin suffered a lot of hardship, misery. She even had a broken arm and lost unborn child than having to do heavy farm work long days. Oshin finally decided to leave her husband's house to rebuild his life. She carries newborn child but do not let her husband know. She realized that with his broken arm, she can not do the first job anymore. She is looking for careers as: the owner of a small restaurant, bakery, or sell fish, ... Her career became thriving, and with the help of her husband, she has built a shop seafood, small but very crowded.
Oshin life continues through many ups and downs, a build your career, raising children mature, thriving until the story ends in 1983.

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