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  Best nasus gaming No1 World !!!  875 / 0
  Gửi lúc:  30/10/2016 02:52:31 AM   -   NGUYEN THUY ANH   sửa đổi lúc:  30/10/2016 02:52:54 AM
Đăng ký:  02/12/2015
Tham gia:  02/12/2015
Điểm:  231
Bài:  46
Best nasus Interval "chaos" when LMHT being tested in 2009, Heimerdinger could be located prevent soldiers go walk out the door. Then the soldiers still ongoing and fairly large backlog at the midline. Until the match comes to 20 or 30 minutes, just Heimerdinger out staging roadblocks, the office will be rushing out midline soldiers as "flood" and pushed straight to mid march. Sure do not need to say much, if 5 players go "marching" with this stage victory soldiers certainly within reach.
Nasus vs Hecarim - The Knowing-Desert
Although not frequently appear in the ratings game, but nasus always a force in the road above when used in the match or tournament usually ranks lower ratings. And scepter Soul (Q) of nasus, destroy enemy attacks will increase Q permanently damage is caused nasus skills made his name.
In the development of League of Legends, there are many generals when edited or accidentally causing general error detection becomes extremely hegemony or even cause a lot of enemy suppression.

Alistar - Monsters Top Cow

By far, Alistar very popular spot with capabilities Support Gunner with bouncer and excellent support beam. But in season 4, Cow Head Monster is used in the road on the ability to deal damage, much less what the other generals. During that time, what makes Alistar might raging in this position is because it can attack the enemy by hand while being knocked.

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More precisely, Alistar will push opponents thrown away, in Three Gorges equipped intrinsic activation Earn then quickly attack the enemy. The objective is no way and bear overcome the period of time during the game against the general. Just do this about 5 times, the enemy will go away quickly, and blood must continue to choose to go home or stay and corollary is "network offerings" for Alistar shortly thereafter.

Darius - General Noxus

Even more publicity director, Darius can use Arrest (E) to pull the members opponents in season 2. When stand next opponent turned on, on arriving in the area and use healing abilities E will immediately pull opponents home about 1-2 seconds later. Once stuck, surely the fate of the generals will be the area to heal shot death.

Heimerdinger - The renowned inventor

Just 300 just before the game reached the 30th minute, the nasus per attack would weigh a thousand pounds and the title "people" more than half the target's blood tree is normal. Q itself has a powerful attack, but also has the ability nasus crit when used this tactic in season 3. Because of that, the Desert Knowing well as alcohol automatically arena League of Legends at that time.
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