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Center for Hygiene and Food Safety was established in 2008 with a staff of trained professional and experienced professionals from the Central Academy, is equipped with more modern equipment, application of the method standardized tests, and updated (TCVN, AOAC, Standard Method, ISO ,...) satisfy the technical analysis and testing of physical, chemical poisoning, food microbiology for research needs, training and food hygiene and safety testing services. Currently, the center of ongoing activities in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025: 2005.

Functions and tasks of the Centre:
Training, research and service provision in the safety testing of food hygiene and food toxicologist.
- A practical training facilities technician testing food safety;
- Perform engineering analysis on Chemical testing of food, food poisoning, Clinical Toxicology, Microbiology of food in teaching, service providers, to meet the increasing demand of customers for industry safety and hygiene;
- Scientific research, conducted the research survey of more food.