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Welcome students - students with Technical University of Health Hai Duong!
Technical University of Health Hai Duong has a mission to train Engineering in Medicine and Nursing undergraduate degree, postgraduate and lower; scientific research, technological development and provision of care health. With a tradition of 50 years of construction and development, the University has become a trustworthy and reputable medical technicians in training, providing a significant contribution of human resources in Nursing - medical technicians for the sector, the rate of HSSV employment immediately after graduation nearly 80%, the health care professional from the hospital central to local levels of confidence in the country, rated the quality of workmanship.

The school is committed to creating an environment for learning democratic education, discipline, transparency, culture and professionalism. Ensure that the school after graduating qualified standard, with professional ethics, specialized foreign language skills and behavior, teamwork and lifelong learning capabilities. Cooperation, development of training, research and practice with the base, keep up the development of science and technology in the health sector. Implementing effective eight core values. Multi-level multi-sectoral, development cooperation, discipline and responsibility, professional practice, ethics - polite, innovative thinking, lifelong learning and attentive service (e-HKTYTHD) create incentives to help the rapid development and sustainable efforts in 2020 to become the School of the multi-level, multi-sectoral and national key university of medical and technical training on a par with advanced countries in the region.

The students - Dear students,

List Y Hai Thuong Lan Ong said: "Occupation is a physician who protect human life, live - dead in her holding hands, being - his painting hand, what could hold the incomplete knowledge, virtue imperfect, the soul is not large, imprudent behavior that requires the temerity to learn that the noble profession he? " ; In a letter to the health sector staff on 27/02/1955, Uncle advised "the patient entrusted the fate of her place, the uncle. Government entrusted to her, the focus of fighting disease and keeping protect the health of the people. That is the glorious mission. " Therefore, if anyone ham rich, want quick riches and no love for humans should not study and medical practice, medical practitioners will not have room for the lack of trying, lazy learning, non-standard capability , no ethics, but just want to get rich on the backs of patients.

When you have chosen the medical profession, then they must love their jobs and people. Only when you love a new career passion, creativity and selfless dedication. They want to become excellent physician, professional skills and communication behaviors, with ethics, they must learn, study is a major, lifelong learning, education for children, families and society for human health. At this school roof, in addition to professional learning, language, children must study ethics training, just as "mind" them in the morning, no distractions by the negative impact of market mechanisms , then you will successfully achieve the desired dream.

Time in school is especially important and meaningful to them. Therefore, they take advantage of the time, trying my best in training, learning to the field tomorrow in the main they work their true potential, not to sense the passage of time, were attracted to social evils, consume time, money ... Take your own time to avoid regret.
Wish you success!
PGS.TS.TTND. Vu Dinh Chinh