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Our mission-Vision-Core values


The mission of Haiduong Medical Technical University is to achieve excellence in training Medical Technicians and Nurses at undergraduate, post-graduate and lower levels; researching; developing technology and providing health care services.

We are commited to:

  • Creating an educational environment of democracy, discipline, transparency, culture and high professional.
  • Ensuring that all students have standard competence, professional ethics, medical English, communication skills, teamwork skills, and lifelong learning after graduation.
  • Co-operating and developing about education, research and practice with related agencies to keep up with the development
    of science and technology in health care.n Promoting the university’s strengths of training medical technical fields.
  • Providing standard health care services; ensuring fastness, convenience, and safety for people and communities.


Haiduong Medical Technical University strives to be a university of multi-level and multi-disciplinary training and be recognized as a national leader in training medical technicians which is as standard as those in advanced regional countries by 2020.

Core values

1. Multi-level and multi-disciplinary training

Haiduong Medical Technical University is an educational center which has multi-level and multi-disciplinary training courses, various types of training: full time training, on-job training, intensive training, second degree training, and continuing training in Nursing field and Medical technology. We respect and facilitate for learners. We meet the needs of caring, protecting, and enhancing people’s health.

2. Co-operation and development

Co-operating in education, research and practice with other related domestic and foreign agencies to ensure the quality of training and research, harmony of interests; and to develop together to keep up with the advancement of science and technology in health field as well as the demand of enhancing the quality of health care services for people.

3. Discipline and responsibility

Being expressed by disciplinary behaviour in teaching and learning, no cheating in examinations, mutual respect between faculty and student, health officers’ caring, cherishing, and aid to patients; being responsible for onerself, for the university and community health; being showed by a sense of personal responsibility for all decisions and actions related to teaching and learning, researching, delivering a high quality service, and using the sources economically and efficiently.

4. Professional practice

Being showed by knowledge, profession skills and communication skills in working, teaching and learning; competence-based training; specialism and teamwork; promoting critical thinking in both education and clinical practice environments; establishing high practice standards, evidence-based practice; trying to gain and/or exceed the standards; complying with the law and ensuring safety for patients and communities during practice.

5. Ethics and politeness

Being expressed by principles of communication which health professionals use with patients; being moral of nurses and medical technicians; being highly responsible, honest, dedicated, caring to serve patients unconditionally; being aesthetic and intellectual in qualification; being master of medical equipments to provide the health care and rehabilitation services for patients and the community. Politeness is exhibited by decorous behavior between teachers and students – “Study manners first then learn to read and write” . Being respectful towards faculties, colleagues, friends and patients.

6. Inovation

Being dynamic, inovative, active, leading to inovatation and to help the university develop stably and train high quality human resourses of nurses and medical technicians for the demand of society.

7. Life-long Learning

The medical profession is related to human life, so medical professionals should frequently learn, improve the skills, update knowledge, research, apply science and technology into taking care, protecting and strengthening people’s health with the slogan “Learning to know, Learning to do, Learning to be, Learning to live together”. All activities are commited to promote Life-long Learning.

8. Thorough service

Being expressed by providing patients and family - centered; being honest, fast, accurate, safe, dedicated, enthusiastic, caring, reliable, patient, empathetic with patients.