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Background of the university

1. 1960 - 1977: Haiduong Assistant Physical School (decision No. 18/TCCB, dated September 5, 1960), Haihung School of Health staff, and Haihung Medical Secondary school: to train doctor’s assistant, pharmacist and midwife at secondary level.
2. 1978 - 2001: The Medical Technical School No.1 - Ministry of Health: to train laboratory technician, anaesthesia recovery technician, dental nurse, X-ray technician, physiotherapy - rehabilitation technician, nurse and midwife at secondary level.
3. 4/2001: Be upgraded to the Medical Technical College No. 1 (decision No. 1952/QĐ-BGD&ĐT, dated April 24, 2001): to train medical nurse and technician with 7 training fields at college level (Laboratory technician, Medical Imaging technician, Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation technician, Anesthesia Recovery nurse, Dental nurse, Nurse and midwife) and 8 training fields at secondary level. From 2006: to train 3 more fields at college level: Dietetic technician, food hygiene and safety technician, and preventive medicine technician.
4. 7/2007: Be upgraded to Haiduong Medical Technical University (decision No. 868/QĐ-TTg, dated July 12, 2007) From the academic year 2008-2009: to train training fields: General nurse, Laboratory technician, image technique technician and physiotherapy technician at university level.