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Bachelor of Mass Communication colleges us learn by doing "course 2006 - 2008
Am 12/2/2009, Technical University of Hai Duong Health held a college degree awarded learn by doing "system to elect 263 people in six majors: Test Engineering, Image Engineering , Engineering Physics / Rehabilitation, Recovery Nurse Anesthesia, Nursing general, Midwives. Attending MA. Tran Hoai Nam - Vietnamese Hospital Deputy Director - Czech (Hai Phong), MSc. Nguyen Ngoc Anh - Deputy Director of Ha Noi Obstetrics Hospital, TTUT.BSCKII. Ta Ngoc Cau - Party Secretary, Director of Vinh Phuc Hospital of the Board, the deputy head teacher, the school's departments and 263 full-elect's east.

PGS.TS.Vu Dinh Chinh - The school principals and MSc. Nguyen Ngoc Anh - Deputy Director of Ha Noi Obstetrics Hospital awarded for the new bachelor.

Fortunately, a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication this time graduation rate for the whole course of 100%, of which 34.6% excellent, with good accounting for 63.12%, the percentage of graduates with an average of only accounting for 2.28%. The people elect the officials who were working at the health facilities across the country so easily capture the knowledge to apply in practice. Attended and spoke at the graduation ceremony, PGS.TS.Vu Dinh Chinh - Secretary of Party Committee, school principals have made fun of the new bachelor is amplified when the announcement: from academic year 2009 - 2010, University Medical Technical Training System in Hai Duong will "learn by doing at university. Thus, many people will elect a condition for returning to school to continue learning to improve their knowledge.

PGS.TS.Vu Dinh Chinh - The school principals and MSc. Tran Hoai Nam - Vice Director, Vietnamese hospital - Czech (Hai Phong) awarded for the new bachelor.

Ceremony ends with, the people elect are very excited, they come from many different agencies, at different ages but the same desire to learn advanced knowledge of specialized tasks to do better medical care for people.

TTUT.BSCKII. Ta Ngoc Cau - Director of Vinh Phuc Hospital began to congratulate the new bachelor.
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